• Azwar Mithros

    Azwar Mithros

    An absent-minded gnome alchemist with a love of unusual puzzles.
  • Cairn Seratin

    Cairn Seratin

    The captain of the mission to recover the artifacts from a strange wormhole. He sent Private 1st Class Stern down through this warp in a drop pod.
  • Comfer Deis

    Comfer Deis

    A high ranking priest of Sarenrae, Father Deis runs the Sun Temple in Thiron.
  • Divlin Elisval

    Divlin Elisval

    A drow scoundrel who wields twin rapiers. He is a heavy drinker and frequents the Smoldering Cog.
  • Emil DeFactere

    Emil DeFactere

    The governor of Ten-Dragons and instigator of the Spell Census.
  • Feldra Gonnock

    Feldra Gonnock

    A young druid initiate, Feldra does not have the capability to really protect her own grove. She has a small wolf pup as her companion, named Duke.
  • Krag Elfsmasher

    Krag Elfsmasher

    Owner and bartender of the Elf Smasher Cantina.
  • Michael Flairer

    Michael Flairer

    A greasy nobleman who is after Feldra's grove for some reason...
  • Nami


    A beautiful, foreign girl, Nami runs the Thunder Brewery; one of the finest taverns in all of Ten-Dragons.
  • Orochi


    An evil demon, come forth from some unknown plane in order to sow fear and deception.(deceased)
  • Raoul


    Oracle of New Haven and quite an insightful fellow.